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RStudio addins to annotate R code with details on the packages being loaded



Spreadsheet hijinks

The results from crowd-sourcing a suitable term for a common spreadsheet practice.


A package to handle awkwardky-structured data with multiple header rows or values broken across multiple rows.


Limpiando datos en R

Algunos pasos para reacomodar tablas con columnas repetidas, encabezados que no pertenecen, y notas al pie de página.

Matrix Indexing

Recoding binary dummy variables into factors. Includes tidyverse and base R approaches.

Who Is Who?

Matching taxonomic names; joint post with Manuela González-Suárez.


Grouping Points

Four ways to draw polygons around groups of points using ggplot.

Agrupando Puntos

Cuatro maneras de agrupar puntos en dos dimensiones con ggplot.



Update on my upcoming position and thoughts on the job hunt.

Ordinal extinction risk models

Modeling IUCN Red List data as an ordered response variable. A reproducible #rstats example for terrestrial carnivores.

Lagomorph research

Inaugural blog post, May 2015. Summary of recent research on Lagomorpha (rabbits, hares, pikas).