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Luis Verde Arregoitia

Personal research page - ecology . evolution . conservation . biogeography

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Here is the work that I have presented at international scientific meetings so far.

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. 2018. Sharing analysis-ready data for macroecological research . British Ecological Society Macroecology Special Interest Group meeting. Saint Andrews, United Kingdom

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. 2017. Publication rates and presenter demographics at the 25th ICCB (Auckland 2011). 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology. Cartagena, Colombia

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. 2016. Rethinking omnivory in rodents. Rodens et Spatium: the 15th International Conference on Rodent Biology. Olomouc, Czech Republic

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. 2016. Comparing rodent species of different sizes for ecomorphological analyses. International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology. Washington DC, USA

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. 2016. Testing for body size divergence in Neotropical bats. American Society of Mammalogists 96th Annual Meeting. Minneapolis, USA

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. & Manuel Schweizer. 2016. Rodent ecomorphology in a phylogenetic context. Evolution. Austin, Texas

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. 2016. Testing for body size divergence in Neotropical bats. Macroecology meets Biogeography. Trier, Germany

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D., Reid, N., Fisher, D.O., & Leach, K. 2014. Diversification, extinction and global conservation status of lagomorphs. International Biogeography Society Early Career Conference. Canberra, Australia (poster available here)

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D., Blomberg, S.P. & Fisher, D.O. 2013 Extinction risk in evolutionary distinct primates. INTECOL. London, United Kingdom

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. & Fisher, D.O. 2013 Evolutionary trends of specialization in rodents. The 11th International Mammalogical Congress. Belfast, United Kingdom

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D. 2012. Modern threats to older species: evolutionary age and extinction risk in mammals. Student Conference on Conservation Science New York. New York City, New York

  • Verde Arregoitia, L.D., Rios-Muñoz, C.A. and Leon, L. 2007. Seasonal niches of migratory bats: spatial and temporal distribution of the Mexican free-tailed bat Tadarida brasiliensis mexicana. XIV International Bat Research Conference / 37th NASBR, Merida, Mexico