annotater 0.2.0

Roughly two years after the first release of a working version of annotater, I’m happy to announce the release of version 0.2.0.

The backstory of the package is here, and since developing these functions I use them pretty much every time I share code.

In my opinion, this:

library(MCMCglmm)  # CRAN v2.33
library(purrr)     # CRAN v0.3.4
library(scico)     # CRAN v1.3.0
library(forcats)   # CRAN v0.5.1
library(ggplot2)   # CRAN v3.3.5
library(ggridges)  # CRAN v0.5.3
library(patchwork) # CRAN v1.1.1

Is preferable to this:


Also, the function annotation tools have been quite useful for teaching, collaborative work, and dealing with other people’s code.

library(readr) # read_csv
library(dplyr) # %>% select filter

dat <- read_csv("myfile.csv") %>% select(X1) %>% filter(X1>1)

annotater v0.2.0

Version 0.2.0 comes with support for package load calls using the p_load function from pacman

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Other minor fixes include support for indented library load calls (e.g., when they are inside a function definition; see below) and more unit tests.

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Read more about annotater in the dedicated packagedown site

Check out the code here

… and install from GitHub like so:

# install.packages("remotes")

I’m gearing up for a CRAN submission, so all testing and feedback is welcome.